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ChemShastra by Rahul Vohra

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Rahul Vohra is an M.Sc. (Org Chem) CSIR UGC NET JRF Scholar. He has been associated with many leading institutes in the past 18 years. He was HOD in FIITJEE, New Delhi and Senior Faculty member at Vidyamandir Classes (VMC), New Delhi. He is the mentor of ranks 20, 51, 56, 59, 85, 202, 264 & many more in the past 18 years. Along with teaching Chemistry to JEE & NEET aspirants, he has taken 200+ seminars on education and life plannings. He is a person who found his path of knowledge by passion and devotion towards subject and now is trying to show the same path of knowledge and wisdom to all students across the world to help them pass not just the competitive exams like JEE & NEET but excel in the exam of life and achieve much more than just the materialistic success of a rank or good college or career, but have wholistic success.

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I am grateful to Rahul Vohra sir for his valuable guidance in Chemistry in Class XI and XII. The way he made me understand concepts of organic chemistry was simply amazing. Even his words of wisdom kept me always motivated to work hard for achieving greater heights. His guidance played a great role in my success in IIT- JEE and other competitive exams. I am greatly indebted to his support for all my achievements.


IIT Delhi (2007-2011), IPS

Guru gobind dou khade, kaake lagoon paay, Balihari guru aapne, gobind diyo batay”. We educate ourselves to make a living, but it’s phenomenal when you have a mentor who has given his life to educating everyone, making an actual human being out of nobodies. Rahul Bhaiya’s lectures taught me how to live and study. It is not always about success or reaching the top of the mountain but the climb/journey between. Mine has been a great one.



Delhi Technological University(DTU)

I studied Chemistry from Rahul Sir in class XI. He helped me a lot in building my concepts of Chemistry, especially Organic chemistry. He always focused on building basic concepts first, and then applying them to complex problems. Sir helped us visualize concepts, which gave a better sense of how things work in chemistry. He always motivated us to work hard to achieve our goals. I am very thankful for his support and guidance during my JEE Preparation.



NSIT, JEE Main Rank: 65, JEE Advanced Rank: 2063

Words can’t define the wisdom and knowledge that Rahul Bhaiya inculcated in us during our journey of two years that led us to our goals. He made chemistry so easy to understand and visualize that solving a chemical equation was a cup of cake for us. Alongside important concepts of chemistry, he taught us life building rules and how to define ourselves in future.
Cheers to a mentor like him!



NSIT Delhi

I still remember your first class (vividly) and the first question you asked us was, “What does success mean to you?” We gave in all sorts of stupid answers, and later did you tell us, that it means to emerge out as the best version of yourself. These words have had a great impact on me. You taught us more than just mere Chemistry. You taught us how to live life the correct manner. “One must live thermodynamically, and not kinetically.” You always taught us to constantly challenge ourselves. At times you’ve been hard on us, but all you wanted was success and happiness for us. Your teaching methods are absolutely amazing. Most importantly, the life lessons you gave us, are priceless. Thank you bhaiya.


Lakshita Mohanty

IIT Kanpur

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