Formula of Success

You all must have heard an old saying that success has no fixed formula and that each individual has to device his or her own formula of success. But I humbly disagree to say that ever since humanity started to walk on the very path of struggle, strive and improvement, there has been a fixed set of ingredients which were mixed in various compositions or proportions to create every formula of success. Thus, in a sense success always had a formula. So now you all must be wondering what are these ingredients and what is that formula. Let’s dive deep into the list and analyse each one of them:



It all begins with the desire to learn, to be better, to get hold of the unknown and beyond. Everyone starts the pursuit of excellence with a naive desire of just doing something which matters to them, gives them joy in spite of the fact how unimportant or boring it might seem to the whole world. That naive desire doesn’t know or analyse pros & cons of that pursuit and has no clue about its method, techniques and results. Sachin Tendulkar (the god of cricket) was once just a kid with that very naive desire explained above, a kid who just wanted to play cricket, a kid who was madly in love with a game and had no idea how to master it or what will it give him in return. That naive desire of an innocent kid was the starting point of a godly transformation of a kid to a god, and so is for many such kids who share the same very desire.


Many of you must be thinking (with a smirk on your face) that we all have such naive desires but they last only a week or month at last. That’s because that naive desire has to be backed by next element of success that is determination. One needs to be stubborn enough not to give up on what he desires. Determined to stick to their choice and keep on it without any external support or backing what so ever.


A determined desire evolves soon to find the third element of success that is dedication. A dedicated person is not deterred by the amount of resistance he faces nor is he bogged down by number of failures he faces. He will keep on tirelessly working on his pursuit. Dedication is the prelude of pleasure of success which the struggler finds in the struggle itself long before success comes.


After the initial phase of naive desire, determination carries the desire till the failures of early phases passes and dedication arrives. With persistence of dedication one reaches the next stage of struggle and finds next element of success that is discipline. Discipline brings the consistency required to practice the art one craves to master. Continuity of putting efforts and doing same set of drills over and over again to improve upon every attempt and become better every day.


Naive desire found determination on the way to dedication which finally brought some discipline and all this brings us to the next element of success that is direction. All the dust of confusion and uncertainties are blown away by the gust of dedication and stroke of discipline and direction appears amidst the dark clouds of difficulties and failures like a ray of hope and helps one identify the very goals which will be the manifestation of that naive desire.


Having found the direction kid wants to run harder, aim higher and soar away in the skies of success but he finds his methods and techniques are inefficient and incorrect at times. So he ends up wasting lots of his energy and efforts. With his life in dire straits he needs someone to chalk a plan, device a strategy, give him tools of knowledge, boost his morale and put him on right path. In short he needs his teacher (Dronacharya) who can help him with all above. Teacher is their inside and around all of us in the form of lord and parents and teachers, just one have to be honest and innocent to see them and seek their blessings.

PS: Eklavya used his Desire, Determination, Dedication, Discipline to find his teacher in himself and became better than the born prince Arjun who had all the amenities of world and a teacher like Dronacharya at his disposal.

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