Best Coaching for NEET – Class 11

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Course Name: First Strike

Best Coaching for NEET – Class 11 students aspiring to prepare for NEET or AIIMS have to understand the task ahead as they have decided to pursue the noble profession of medical services. Their mindset and ideology should also be in sync with the target. The motto of medical services is service and sacrifices and the same applies for NEET and AIIMS aspiring candidates. The balance of efforts between CBSE and competitive exams preparation is the key. So right from the beginning, one needs to have clarity in thoughts, methods, and actions. Focusing on fundamentals of Class 10 applied in Class 11 and concepts of Class 11 which will be extended as the application in Class 12.

We (best coaching for neet) at Chemistry Class by Rahul Vohra (ChemShastra) give the students a well-sorted and balanced plan to execute the above objective. Mastering the art of balance between CBSE and NEET/ AIIMS preparation in an intuitive way as the well-crafted notes from the best of authors in a simplified waylays the right foundation. Practice from the best of both worlds for CBSE NCERT exemplars and ten years and for NEET/ AIIMS from the assignment of all leading institutions and archives of NEET/ AIIMS.

Course materials:

Course timing and schedule:

Regular tests to PTM:

Regular tests to monitor progress and PTMs to discuss changes and corrections required.

Regular motivation sessions to keep students on track in neet preparation for exams and life.

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