Design Your Course – Chemistry

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Course Name: Courses for Horses

Design Your Course – Chemistry – Class 11 & 12 science students aspiring to prepare for competitive exams like JEE, NEET alongside CBSE have decided to take upon themselves a huge responsibility which they are passionate and confident about to pull off with right guidance and support. Right guidance and support mean different things for different individuals as God in his infinite wisdom has made us all so very different. But unfortunately in our country, everyone is forced to learn and yearn through the same system as our system believes and operates on one size fits all philosophy which is a cause of disasters.

We at Chemistry Classes by Rahul Vohra (CHEMSHASTRA) gives Science students of Class 11 & Class 12 preparing for JEE, NEET alongside CBSE the right to design their own course in light of an assessment of their own strengths and weaknesses as every individual is different. Everything can be customized right from the sequence of topics taught to the timings that an individual needs to give to the various parts of the vast syllabus of Chemistry for the preparation of JEE and NEET along with CBSE. We help them design their own course and curriculum and help them develop a plan and schedule to extract the maximum out of the constraints of the most valuable resource of them all TIME.

Course Material:

Course timings and schedule:

Flexible as per an individual’s need

Regular doubt sessions:

For all topics an individual needs 

Regular counseling sessions:

For setting the mental frame in line with preparation as per individual needs.

Regular test and PTM:

Regular tests are conducted for monitoring progress and possible remedial solutions are discussed during PTM.