Frequently Asked Questions


CHEMSHASTRA is a place where students will get a comprehensive complete preparation with a balance between CBSE, JEE and NEET Preparation under the guidance of an experienced competent and compassionate mentor who will inculcate knowledge with values.

Why not go to usual coaching where I can get all three subjects under a roof?

– By joining a leading coaching institutions you leave your fate to chances. – You might get three average or below par teachers of three subjects but getting one with good credentials and compassion is a rarity.
– Individual attention is not possible in a batch size of 45 or even 90 above at times, forget about doubt sessions and counselling.
– No focus on CBSE preparation as they don’t even help a bit for CBSE exams.
– Practice and doubts of all other materials or books is out of bound.
– No access of teachers for students or parents to ask for individual mentoring.

What is the best time to start preparation for competitive exams like JEE NEET?

Sooner the better is general expression but too soon can burn you out too soon and you might not be at your peak when the real-time comes. So beginning or mid of 10 is ideal time.

How many hours of classes are sufficient?

To keep a balance between CBSE and JEE/NEET preparation 4-5 hours of classes per subject is sufficient.

How many hours of self study are required?

Golden rule is for every 5 hours of classes of a subject a student needs 15 hours of self study to keep balance of CBSE and JEE/NEET preparation and a healthy life style.

Which books are to be bought for chemistry?

For theory nothing apart from notes given by us at CHEMSHASTRA as they comprehensively include knowledge of foreign authors books like I L FINAR, SOLOMONS, MORRISON BOYD, J D LEE, PAULA BRUCE etc that too in a moderated condensed version to cater the precise needs of JEE/NEET aspirants.
For practice one has to give due respect to NCERT BOOKS AND EXEMPLAR and go for modules of a leading institutions along with a JEE and NEET ARCHIVE.

Fee structure of a coaching would be lesser than individual subject experts?

Yes, a medicine with a 50% chance of cure and 100% chance of side effect will always be cheaper than the medicine with almost 100 % chance of cure with negligible side effects.
At CHEMSHASTRA your fee is inversely proportional to your talent and commitment. Students with talent and commitment from underprivileged background will be helped for a nominal or no fee at all.