IIT JEE Coaching – Class 11

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Course Name: First Strike

IIT JEE Coaching Class 11 science students aspiring to crack JEE, it’s of utmost importance that they get the right start. As they say “well begun is half done”, so Class 11 students should have someone to provide them with a well defined systematic approach for every subject. That’s where ChemShastra comes into the picture. With our years of extensive experience and knowledge, we teach Class 11 students the very strong fundamentals-based conceptual Chemistry they are in desperate need of.

Chemistry is the only subject among PCM in which the course of Class 11 directly extends into the application for Class 12 (PASS) Chemistry. One needs to vary in the right systematic process to lay a strong foundation of concepts. We have developed a well-defined program with handwritten notes and selected assignments comprising of the best questions of NCERT exemplars and all leading institutions which will help IIT JEE Coaching Class 11 aspirants get in command of most difficult concepts in a step by step method.

Course material

Course timings and schedules

Regular doubt classes:

For every topic and chapter of Class 11 Chemistry for CBSE and JEE separate doubt sessions are held.

Regular test and PTM:

A theoretical descriptive and conceptual application-based test for both CBSE and JEE is conducted to ensure the progress of students. The review of performance is done through a Parents Teacher Meeting to appraise and discuss corrective measures if any required.

Regular counseling sessions are conducted to set the morale and strategy in place in regard to life and not just studies and competitive exams.

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