IIT JEE Preparation – Class 12

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Course Name: Final Strike

IIT JEE Preparation – Class 12 students aspiring to prepare for JEE are often caught in a Catch-22 situation whether to focus on Class 12 Board exams or JEE and amidst all this confusion chaos spreads through wrong strategies and methods. So Class 12 students need a well defined strategic approach and well-defined methods to master the balance between CBSE/ ICSE board exams and competitive exams preparation.

Chemistry Classes by Rahul Vohra (ChemShastra) gives Class 12 students the systematic approach and well-defined methodology which is required to excel in the Class 12 board exam and JEE. Efforts are divided in the right proportion for both CBSE and JEE with a mix of theoretical and application-based questions. Chemistry being the only subject among PCM in which Class 12 course is the direct application of Class 11. So the soul idea of the program is to see to the fact that any deficiencies of Class 11 Chemistry should be taken care of and connected to its application of Class 12 through a smooth transition.

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Regular counseling sessions to set the morale and strategy in place in regard to life not just JEE/ NEET competitive exams.

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