NEET & IIT JEE Foundation Course

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Course Name: Early Strike

In NEET, IIT JEE Foundation Course, at ChemShastra – Chemistry Classes by Rahul Vohra, we use the most scientific and methodical way to master the fundamentals of Chemistry. A course with vision and precision for class 10 students who aspire to take science and pursue competitive exams. To start the preparation for competitive exams like IIT JEE and NEET, one has to first bridge the gap between Class 10 based on Factual cramming and the Class 11 based on the conceptual approach based on Application. So a complete change in method and approach is required which we provide in a very systematic way.

Course Approach:

Connect the factual world of Class 9 & Class 10 Science to the meaning And conceptual reality.

Course Material:

Course duration and timing:

Course Aim :

To give a very strong foundation based on conceptual knowledge to IIT JEE and NEET aspirants.