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Course Name: Ultimate Strike

NEET Online Coaching – Class 12 pass students aspiring to prepare for NEET are under immense pressure as they are trying to do better in their simultaneous attempt of NEET. This comes with lots of criticism and scrutiny not just from society but from within family, friends and oneself which only adds to the pressure of a drop year attempt. Being Class 12th NEET pass students they can’t really confess how they have not been good enough with basics because of their ego and shyness. So amidst all this emotional turmoil with added arrogance and ignorance recipe for disaster is all in place.

We at Chemistry Class by Rahul Vohra (ChemShastra) understand the above problem and provide NEET classes to these aspirants a comprehensive detailed plan of action with the right balance of knowledge of basics and advanced application alongside the strategy to master exam pressure, society and peer pressure. Right from elementary fundamentals to exam centric application, everything is taught in a methodical way to help students master Chemistry for NEET online coaching, NEET preparation and get hold of their life by making them positive in their general outlook.

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To keep students in the right frame of mind to be in command of their preparation and life and be healthy physically and mentally.

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