NEET Preparation – Class 12

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Course Name: Final Strike

Class 12 students aspiring to prepare and qualify NEET has to bear the burden of Class 12 CBSE and NEET preparation simultaneously, which is not an easy task. So it needs the supervision and guidance of an experienced mentor and coach who can set their mental approach and give balance to your preparation. At Chemistry Class by Rahul Vohra (CHEMSHASTRA) we give students the knowledge of subject covering the basics of CBSE to the sharp application based NEET pattern theory and questions which help the students not only achieve the balance between CBSE preparation and NEET preparation but also to lead a healthy life physically and mentally. We don’t provide just the coaching of a subject but life by setting their moral compass straight along with emphasizing the physical and mental health which helps them become champions of life, not just an exam.

Course Material

Course timing and schedule:

Regular doubt sessions:

For every topic and chapter of Class 11 & 12 Chemistry separate doubt sessions are conducted to help students improve.

Regular counseling sessions:

To help students stay in a positive frame of mind to stay on track with preparation for Class 12 (PASS) NEET and CBSE exams.

Regular tests and PTM:

To gaze and monitor shortcomings and growth of a student and prescribe possible remedial solutions.

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